pelikan m205 duo – a sweet citrus candy

I didn’t buy the brand new Pelikan M205 DUO out of any other “real” reason than that I thought it looked real cool. The curiosity of the BB nib contributed to the impulsive decision to buy it.

And when it arrived today it instantly begged to be photographed – a luscious sweet, citrus candy in the coolest packaging I’ve seen for a Pelikan. Even if that is a very peripheral matter it is nice if the packaging isn’t ugly or tacky.

This is a clean and functional design whose style that I’d love to see for more Pelikans.

I’ve not been into demos before, but this colour was hard to resist. It comes with a bottle of fluorescent highlighter ink that looks almost radioactive – to borrow my fellow blogger Julie’s (Whatever) expression.

Since I prefer highlighter inks that aren’t fluorescent and also wanted to be able to write “normally” with the pen I inked it up with Iroshizuku Fuyu-Gaki (Winter Persimmon). I thought the orange-red ink would make a luscious complement to the yellow and I think that was an accurate decision.

The BB nib – have only tried it today – is exceptionally smooth and somewhat stubbish. I don’t (yet) know if I find it broad enough to unseat the Lamy Vista 1.9 mm italic as my primary highlighter pen, but even if it won’t do that it is a luscious little pen that can be used as a regular writing pen. I’ll write a review on it when I have used it a lot more than just one day.

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22 Responses to pelikan m205 duo – a sweet citrus candy

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  3. Julie says:

    That would be too sweet to see sample comparisons! Look forward to that, my dear.

  4. Julie says:

    How has this highlighter been working for you? I’ve got a Platinum Pretty highlighter and wondering if it needs, uh, upgrading… :)

    • dandelion says:

      I use it almost every day with Diamine Sunshine Yellow – the BB nib is very nice, but really a bit too narrow for a highlighter. If one is looking for a broader highlighter I’d go for a Lamy (any Safari etc variant) 1.5 or 1.9 mm nib. I use a Vista 1.9 mm almost every day as well as a highlighter. For me Diamine Sunshine Yellow/J Herbin Buttercup and R&K Helianthus is the perfect highlighting inks. Warm, beautiful and does a good job without screaming as ordinary fluorescent highlighters. :)

      • Julie says:

        Ah! I’m concerned the Duo 205 BB will be too broad for me and here you want broader! I’m pretty happy with Noodler’s Firefly as my highlighting ink. As I will be needing new tips for my Preppy that I use with it… I was thinking about what pen doesn’t need that kind of maintenance hence the Duo 205 interest.

        Very good and thanks!

        • dandelion says:

          I’ll try to post some writing comparisons for you, so you can compare its width to other nibs. The BB isn’t as broad as it sounds and I must say that the main reason for using it (despite my complaints about it being too narrow) is that the nib is sooo sweet. :)

  5. jlorenzotorres says:

    I like your review and pics! May I ask where did you get it from? I’ve been to several sites and all marked them to ship in December!

    Thanks in advanced

    • dandelion says:

      I bought it from the Swedish web I think many stores are out of them now since the first batch sold out quickly. Check as well. I have only good to say about these two retailers.

    • Neill says:

      I had just about given up on the Pelikan Highlighter until, as said, December. In fact, I went ahead and purchased the Vista 1.9 with Noodler’s Firefly which I am very happy with.
      But then I got a catalog from Levenger that had the Pelikan in it. I checked the website and it appeared to be in stock. I called and spoke to a very nice gentlemen by the name of Freddie. Not only did they have it in stock but at 15% off their normal selling price of $116 but free FedEx Ground Shipping and a leather pen holder. Total cost $98.60.

  6. Tony says:

    Well, my M205 arrived a couple of days ago, which I order after adding your review. I have to say it looks even better in the hand than the (great) photos here portray. I went for the broad nib rather than BB and will probably order a BB soon.
    It really writes well and is so funky that I seem to reach for it more than any other pen!
    Thanks ago an for the review.

  7. tony says:

    Lovely review and beautiful pictures. This is now on my list of must have pens!

  8. Damon Young says:

    Luscious photos as always, Dandelion. I’m not tempted to buy one, but I do like your persimmon & citrus yellow mix. It’s quite the fountain pen orchard…

  9. Brian Goulet says:

    Nice pictures!! Oh, this is going to make everyone drool for one of these even more. I don’t deal much with pens but I’ve had a lot of people who just couldn’t pass up a pen like this. It’s going to be limited production too, from what I understand. Pelikan is making a set amount (don’t know how many) and that’s it. They should be arriving in the states here in September.

  10. Lexi0514 says:

    I wouldn’t have thought I’d like this color demonstrator until I saw your pictures. Now I must have one!

  11. Speedmaster says:

    Phenomenal pics!

  12. watchinginkdry says:

    Beeyoootiful ink!

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