enveloped carmen

My friend and fellow blogger Julie featured her homemade envelopes here at her blog Whatever recently. I used to make envelopes ages and ages ago and Julies post inspired me to do it again. I love these prints of old opera posters.  I have Romeo & Juliet as a folder for my stationery.

I’ve since long been reluctant to throw away beautiful wall calendars when they become obsolete and when I realised that my old  Cavallini Calendars would make perfect envelopes I was thrilled! They have beautiful motifs and are printed on thick, high quality paper. Since they’d make very small envelopes if made from a square I make them from a rectangle (see above).

It is very easy – all needed is a sheet of nice paper, scissors and some glue.

It is very nice to be able to make personal envelopes and also recycle beautiful paper that otherwise would just stay in the drawer.

I was also thrilled to learn that Cavallini manuifactures stationery and notebooks too and I hope to find a European dealer and have the opportunity to try one of their notebooks soon. If anyone has tried their stationery – please share your experience in a comment!

I think they are an American company, but their stuff is made and printed (at least some of it) in Italy.

Here are some of my recent makings: An envelope from their vintage map series – about to be sent west, Carmen – also going west and Giulietta et Romeo that is staying here and keeps my stationery in place. I think I’ll buy more than one next year…

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8 Responses to enveloped carmen

  1. Margo McCord says:

    Lovely enveloped Carmen! Yes, Cavallini & Co. is based in San Francisco but most of their stationery is printed in Italy. They have clever designs and an excellent quality of paper–perfect, of course, for fountain pens. You can see some items at Vickerey.com. On another matter, I was in Red Square last week–of all places–and to avoid the smoke I ducked into the Montblanc Boutique and couldn’t believe my eyes when they had–in stock–the Mahatma Gandhi saffron ink!!!!!! It’s very hard to find in the States.
    Have you tried that? I would relish reading one of your reviews!

    • dandelion says:

      Thanks a lot for supplying info regarding Cavallini – I must check out their notebooks – they are awesome – and it makes me happy to hear that they are fountain pen friendly! I haven’t tried the saffron, but I’d love to and ought to check out where I could get hold of it. :) Happy to hear that you liked the Carmen envelope – thank you!

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  3. Rob says:

    Cavallini is available in UK at Waterstones – perhaps there are other dealers around too?

  4. Lexi0514 says:

    Very nice…..enjoyed seeing them. Keep up the great work.

  5. TAO says:

    That’s some lovely stuff to use for an envelope! It’s beautiful.

  6. What beautiful envelopes!! I’m glad to have been the source of inspiration. :-D

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