I captured this rose January first this year. I thought it would be fitting for a post that contains a few lists over this year – the first full year of the lady dandelion blog. As you can see the single most read post is the review of the Montblanc Meisterstück. It continues to have several reads every week, which has surprised me a little. It beats its competitors in a very convincing way. I’ve also collected some of my favourite pen/ink/paper posts from the past year (by others – not me) and finally a little list over various blog posts/articles that – by various reasons – are well written and worth to read. I have most definitely forgot few or many great articles and reads, but these are a few of those that have caught my attention. They are listed in a random and arbitrary order – no hierarchy intended.

The ten most visited posts  2010

  1. Montblanc Meisterstück 146 – a non-neglectable icon
  2. Leuchtturm 1917 – review of a pleasant acquaintance
  3. Pelikan M205 duo – a sweet citrus candy
  4. Review of J Herbin 1670 anniversary – iron oxide is the way to go
  5. Review of Lamy Safari 1.1 mm italic – quality for a few bucks
  6. Review: jottrr-a-new-budget-competitor-to-moleskine/
  7. Diamine Registrar’s Ink – the blue black?
  8. Close to perfection – Rhodia webbie 2.0
  9. Lamy 27 – review of a little gem
  10. TeNeues Cool Notes – tested with 18 inks

some of my favourites on pen/paper/ink

J Herbin 1670 anniversary ink (Drawing with a squirrel)
The way of the folded pen (Leigh Reyes – my life as a verb)
Behind the pages (Wild Thyme)
Feed me (Bleubug)
Iroshizuku Yama-Budo (Inky Journal)


other things that have caught my attention

Where the Owls Fear To Thread (drawing at illustrator Eric Orchard blog – I LOVE his drawings)
Rape Culture (overland)
a human’s condition (kissysmooth)
Louise Bourgeouis greatest creation… (Germaine Greer’s obituary over Louise Bourgeois)
Photo below is from December 23

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2 Responses to end-of-the-year-lists

  1. Hi Lady D! Thank you for including my Poussiere de Lune review in your list! Happy New year! :)

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