pen reviews

Aurora Talentum, I - modern classic that combines beauty & rock'n roll. Review here
Bexley Simplicity, F- an affordable candybar that writes well Review here
Conway Stewart Dandy Bronze,  M I - classic with a whiff of the 1920's Review here
Conway Stewart Dandy Demo, F - classic with a whiff of the 1920's Review here
Conway Stewart Duro Amethyst F I.Stylish & inspired by the 20's. Review here
Conway Stewart Duro Dartmoor M I. Stylish &inspired by the 20's. Review here
Delta Profili, F.Original & futuristic in sterling silver. Review here
Delta 365, F - chubby with a great nib. My first review with OK photos. See here
Lalex 1938 Forme, M nib, shiny, pearly bargain. Review/quick peek here
Lamy Safari/Vista EF/1.1 mm/1.9 mm Classic and affordable. Original. Review here. 
Lamy 27, OM - playful, futuristic & classic from the 1960's. Review here
Marlen Vienna F - original & chubby in silver/black. Review here
Montblanc 344 - a lovely Bordeaux  MB from the 1950's with a flexy nib. Review here
Montblanc 146, I. Very nice to write with. Beautiful monotone nib. Review here
Pelikan M205 Duo BB - A sweet citrus candy w a BB nib - review here
Pelikan M605, M nib Solid Blue/Silver- a classic in unusual colouring. Review here
Pelikan M425, EF - Art Deco in Silver & Green  - an early review (crappy photos) here.
Pilot Bamboo, F- shape &a beautiful nib. Great writer. Review I here Review II here
Pilot M90.Maybe the most graceful pen ever made. Review I here Review II here
Pilot Vanishing Point, F - a portable, chubby dolphin. Review here. 
Sheaffer "Spring Snork", F nib - Lovely little frankensnork. Review here
Stipula Suprema Pelago,F, With a gigantic ink tank Review I here. Review II here.  
Stipula Ventidue "22" (three pens) italics & F. Classic modern workhorses. Review here
Visconti Opera, stub -  Classy modern writer. Review here
Yard-O-Led Viceroy Victorian, B. Classic in sterling silver. Review here 
Yard-O-Led Viceroy Lined Grand. Lovely simplicity in sterling silver. Review here. 

4 Responses to pen reviews

  1. I keep returning to read your review of the Talentum; the itch to try one has been around a couple of years now and each time, your review nudges me ever so gently towards getting one…

  2. Mike mayorga says:

    Hi there!! So far I’ve been readig your blog.. It looks very nice.. It’s a curious case of mine… Im a trained architect , I’ve been around And designing and building primarily unifamiliar houses.. And most of all fachades.. But then I decided to pursue a dream to become a pilot. Hahaha. Now Im doing my flying practices and I love it.. Now the case is that Ive always been interested in pens and notebooks.. And actually had the chance to buy few of them… Now Ive arrive to the point that Im so satysfied now I have a moleskine notebook… The classic one… And a jotbook Leuchtturm I use them primarily for 2 things… Writting and sketching my ideas for the architecture or anything I find interesting.. And to write down the flying practices info that I require to… For that Its very important to have a very functunal writting device which Ive found it in the Lamy safari fountain pen wich gives a thick dark-black-continious line.. Probably the only issue people could have is that of the thickness … Anyway it gives the sketchy style… Love it… Sorry for the redaction style English is not my native lenguage … Saludos from Guadalajara Mexico.. I hope I could get news from you at mail… See you..

  3. I found your reviews very informative. Have you done any reviews on
    Waterman or Parker pens?

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