waltz dream folder – recycling II

Continuing my calendar recycling (see my envelopes here). I thought my folder for stationery and loose sheets of paper and such was boring and realised that the “Sogno D’un Valzer” (A Waltz Dream) from my Cavallini calendar 2007 would make a grand front cover. So, I brought out my scissors, glue and clear broad tape (a sheet of self-adhesive clear plastic would be better, but I didn’t have that at hands and thought this ended up well too). So in 15-20 minutes I had a new, beautiful folder for all that stuff that is too big or plentiful for the pocket of my Habana. The featured pen is one of my favourites for letterwriting and journalling: a Carter with a OM nib filled with Iroshizuku Yama-Budo. I love the red/black swirls.

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