spring sun and winter snow at the iron works.

In the spring sun at the iron works. The snow is melting. Sounds of dripping, birds singing and a clear blue sky. A very long (and beautiful) winter has almost come to its end. The sun is more welcome than an extra pay check. Those photos (SOOC) were taken today at an old iron works.

I like the light and shadow play in these. And the shapes. And the light (did I mention that? :) )  I think it is necessary to experience a Swedish winter and spring to understand the something about the Swedish poetic soul – often hidden under “our” reserved surface. The changes in light and season is a very good nurturing ground for poetry, longing and melancholy – in all the best senses. Our folk music embodies this with its mix of longing and joy. It shares quite a lot of this with the Irish folk music, in fact.

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2 Responses to spring sun and winter snow at the iron works.

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  2. TAO says:

    What are some examples of Swedish folk music? I hate to say that when I think Swedish music I think of Abba (hangs head in shame). I’m certainly much more familiar with traditional Irish music, even if “much more” means a tiny bit.

    Glad you are defrosting there. It’s always lovely to see bright sun on cool snow.

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