on the move

Photo taken (from the car)  in the tunnel that leads to the bridge between Denmark and Sweden – Öresundsbron – on the way from Berlin heading north.  A 1100 km drive (plus ferry Rostock-Gedser) in one day. I love autobahn. I love driving (fast). Not very healthy or environmentally correct, but so fun!

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2 Responses to on the move

  1. sartenada says:

    Very nice photo. I like it really, because it is giving the feeling to go somewhere.

    So You like driving fast also. It was so refhesing to read it! So do I and of course on German highways where are no speed limit and fast. That’s life!. If You wanna to see my car photos, then go to Cars in my blog.

    • dandelion says:

      Thank you – I was pretty surprised that it turned out so well considering both the dim light and the speed.

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