a walk in the park

Standard time – or “winter time” as it is called here – is over us. Dusk begins around 4pm and it is pitch black at 6 pm. November arrives tomorrow. November – the month with the poorest reputation in the northern hemisphere – or at least here. Grey. Not winter. Christmas still far away. Almost all leaves gone and the world beginning to turn monochrome. Six months to May – the fairest of months.

But, with a few candles, good clothes, imagination and some optimism (how girl-scoutish doesn’t that sound) one can live through these dark months. These colourful photos – the nature’s way of saying ‘bye’ before going into hibernation – were taken yesterday. October wanted to make an imprint as a mild and forgiving month before handing over to November. I think.

oak leaves

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8 Responses to a walk in the park

  1. mslogica says:

    Your autumn looks a lot nicer than ours, we’ve gone quickly from yellow trees to mushy leaf sludge and rain here in England!

  2. No snow yet? A client from Sweden was here today and said that they had received their first snow just before they left last week.

    Awesome photos, as usual!

    • dandelion says:

      Thank you! No snow. :) It must have been someone from the northern part of Sweden. We rarely get snow this early and the few times we do it usually melts away fast. :)

  3. Erin says:

    Well photographed fall photos, here, L.D. I like your philosophy about the seasons.

  4. ravensmarch says:

    November is somewhat depressing, but only in as much as it heralds the worse to come. In the Canadian prairies, January and February are much more given to temperatures approaching -40, and I can face November’s psychological threat more easily that that sort of physical one.

  5. Yes, I hate November too. It’s easily the most depressing month even at 51° N, never mind 60°.

  6. diysara says:

    Great post :) I love your photos.

    Its hard for me to cut back my grey-brown skeletal gardens… But the promise of new growth and blooms in Spring give me hope.

  7. Christina says:

    I love fall pictures. In Arizona we view other people’s pictures with envy since 4 seasons a year we have….desert brown.

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