siblings in black & red – montblanc 252 & 254

These neat pens stands in the shadow of their more famous cousins in the 14X, 24x and 34X series. I knew little about these pens before I stumbled over them some time ago and got curious of their nibs – the wing nibs and had the luck to find a few for a reasonable sum and I took an instant liking to these clean, simple and original nibs. These two are equipped with a M, respectively a B. Both has a “-” imprinted after the nib width imprint on the piston knob and I still haven’t found out if that means anything or if it is just a lapse. I’ve yet to try these out in depth, but both nibs are both stubbish and flexy and seem very promising. I’ll get back with a full review when they have been in use for some time.

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6 Responses to siblings in black & red – montblanc 252 & 254

  1. Rena says:

    I’m an admirer of this style nib but didn’t know they were walled “wing nibs.” Thanks, Dandelion.

  2. ravensmarch says:

    They look very like dip points, press-ganged by a fountain pen maker. Very odd indeed.

  3. gary says:

    The nibs, and pens, assume different characters with their sizes. The 256 is a substantial pen, though seeming shorter that its 146 cousin, and its wing nib looks husky next to the 252 nib.
    A wing nib in a 744 is a streamliner of elegance.
    Congratulations on finding an out-of-the-mainstream vintage MB classic.

  4. Julie says:

    “Wing nibs”… I knew they had a name! It’s neat to have some variation in styles and these are cool.

  5. Interesting nibs – very cool

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