hedgehog neighbour

sniff sniff

During my visit to Sweden I was happy to encounter a hedgehog almost every day. This particular one hanged around in the backyard. It was very fond of eggs and liver paté. Its fondness for eggs made it try to eat the plate as well, with such gusto that I feared for its teeth, but the teeth remained unharmed. Unfortunately the photos don’t capture the sniffing and huffing and puffing that are their signature sounds.

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11 Responses to hedgehog neighbour

  1. Barbara says:

    Such wonderful photos of the hedgehogs! When I was growing up my father talked about hedghogs as he was originally from Europe. Now I can see how wonderful they look in the wild. Thank-you!

  2. jenniesisler says:

    What an adorable little fellow! How sweet of you to feed him his favorite foods:)

  3. Matt says:

    I once ran across one in Amstelveen a very long time ago. It involved Dutch gin, but relatively good behavior. All I can say, truly, is that the hedgehog did not approve. That hedgehog must have been a Protestant.

  4. Karen says:

    great photos!!

  5. peterpen53 says:

    This little guy is really great! And your photos are fantastic as always.

  6. dandelion says:

    Thank you! So happy that you appreciated the photos!

  7. pamelake says:

    Great photos. I agree with Azizah, very cute.

  8. aliikizkaya says:

    sniffing and huffing and puffing… exactly their significant sounds.
    And they are a wise gourmets.
    I understand you like your hedgehog neighbour visits. If they develop the relationship with you, they will come to you for a coffee, why not.
    Cute and perfect neighbour shots. Thanks for sharing
    Have a nice and in serenity days.

  9. Millie says:

    Awww, I love hedgehogs!

  10. LOL! These are SOOOO cute. I totally wish I could hear their little noises, it must be adorable.

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