walking down memory lane – ending an era

The Department of Law

During my visit to Sweden, my home and motherland, I graduated and earned my Master of Laws. I am now a Legum Magistra. Thus ending an era at the Department of Law at Uppsala University – long wished for and still bittersweet when the end presented itself. This is my walk down the memory lane; bidding goodbye to this forming era. From the University House where I had quite a few seminars in civil and criminal law – among others, through the University Park, spotting the strange and unusual sun dial that crowns Gustavianum (the old theatre of medicine), through the arch of the king of Politics (the superior professor of Skytteanum) to the Department of Law. My overshadowing feeling during this walk – except for the sentimentality of the moment – was a feeling of gratitude towards my country – Sweden – for providing the opportunity for it’s people to get a first class education at a first class university for free. No tuition. You just have to qualify and then work, work, work. Thank you, Sweden.

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5 Responses to walking down memory lane – ending an era

  1. Karen says:

    Congratulations on earning your Masters!! So glad to see you posting again. =)

  2. MsLogica says:


  3. peterpen53 says:

    Many congratulations on your achievement. I did something different, though not totally unrelated, and it’s by now some 24 years ago, but I still vividly remember how happy, glad and relieved I felt when I graduated. And it is indeed the end of an era. I hope you will find what you wish for in the next stage of your life.

  4. Bruno Taut says:

    I wonder if Americans would ever understand the idea of welfare state.

    Despite your bittersweet emotions, congratulations are in order, Lady Dandelion. And when you get to the top, keep on climbing. The best is yet to come!



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