nib & cap

I am easily seduced by a beautiful nib or cap. What made me buy the Marlen Vienna was not the nib – even if it turned out to be much more handsome than I had expected from the photos – it was the cap. Ornamented, pseudo antique silver. I love it. It might seem far from my usual fare, but one needs variety variety variety sometimes. It also happen to be a very pleasant writer – a wettish fine that has been put to quite a lot of use during the few days that I have had the pleasure to own it. A very nice bargain.

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4 Responses to nib & cap

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  2. What a gorgeous pen and again you have such an amazing eye in your photos. Lovely.

  3. Lexi0514 says:

    I agree – it’s all about that beautiful cap. WOW. Congratulations on this new beauty.

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