hedgehog on an evening walk

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This perky little hedgehog crossed my path during my evening walk. As hedgehogs don’t live in the wild in the US (nor in Australia) it was an extra happy surprise to encounter one in broad daylight on my visit home. Most hedgehogs prefer to move about during the night and in bushes, so this hedgehog, sniffing around on a lawn in a park, was quite the exhibitionist even if it withdrew to more quiet quarters after a little while. They are much faster than one could think and their legs are much longer than one would expect for such a small animal, so they are not easy to capture. Nor do the photos capture their huffing and puffing sound. These shortsighted, pointynosed, spineclad, independent creatures are great little characters and it always feels like a privilege to meet one.

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8 Responses to hedgehog on an evening walk

  1. Tony says:

    How nice to see another post – I have almost given up on your blog, which was once my favourite :( I miss the great reviews and photos from the past. I suspect twitter is the cause (I find it not to my taste – too much purile drivel to dig though and too demanding of time)

  2. dandelion says:

    Much thanks for enthusiastic comments – it makes me very happy.

  3. peterpen53 says:

    Wonderful pictures of a wonderful subject! And in broad daylight. I’ve only seen live hedgehogs twice and always in the dark. Once in my backyard together with a young one. They are indeed quite noisy, especially when walking through some dead leaves.

  4. aliikizkaya says:

    Surprising “randez-vous”. Cute. Lovely shots.
    As you said, they are very faster.And I know very well they like so much cats foods.
    I have one complete family in my garden who comes from forest. Mama and 5 baby. In Turkey they are in the wild. But protected. Also mama counts the babies number on the other side while they are passing forest road.
    Hugs From Turkey, and I wish a inky sunday

  5. This is hilariously adorable. How fascinating! Thanks for sharing these super cute pictures! The captions are cute too, especially “time to rush” hahaha

  6. gorgeous hedgehogs – we used to have one visiting in our old place but I haven’t seen one for ages. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures

  7. Shangching says:

    It is so nice to see a hedgehog in nature! Don’t know why I have little immunity those these little prickly creatures!
    Enjoy your time at home!

  8. Speedmaster says:

    Wow, very cool! ;-)

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