edison pearlette – fan pics of my little hard rubber tiger

This little Edison Pearlette was bought on pure impulse a few days ago and it was the mottled black/sand hard rubber and the special pattern that caught me. The colours – black and a sandy beige – and the pattern make me think of a tiger puppy. The specialty of this pattern and finish immediately set off an urge to try to capture and share the original feel of my little hard rubber tiger and here are a few photos that make it some justice. It is way to early to deliver a review – this is only some fan pics –  but I already like this pen – the fine steel nib on it is very pleasant to write with, so I think the Tiger will be one of my good every day companions.

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11 Responses to edison pearlette – fan pics of my little hard rubber tiger

  1. dandelion says:

    Much thanks for such enthusiastic feedback! I will get back with a real review in time.
    It was great meeting you (and your wife) too, Brian – it’s great to have a pen that is produced by such nice guys.:)

  2. I am drooling over the Pearlette myself and this is a beautiful example. Can you give a rough idea of size compared to some commonly found pens? Alas, I can’t get to a pen show any time soon to try one out.

  3. Brian Gray says:

    Great photos! It was great to meet you in Philly!

  4. Karen says:

    just gorgeous!

  5. SheilaM says:

    Lovely little pen! I’ll be curious to hear your opinion of the pen once you have had time to do the review. Also would love to get a better idea of the pen’s size.

    Thanks for the photos!

  6. Love to see more of the nib in a future review.
    Wait, I thought you were selling off pens? Ah, well, such is impulsive pen passion :)

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  8. ArchiMark says:

    Very nice!……
    Look forward to more about this pen….have thought about trying an Edison sometime…..

  9. Beautiful pen – and a great match to the inkwell! Can’t wait for the review!

  10. This is probably one of the best impulse shopping ever! The Pearlette caught my eyes as well, though it was just a plain black one. I can’t wait for the more detailed review!

  11. TAO says:

    Lovely pictures. I especially like the aerial view of the top. :)

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