I love winter



I love winter and snow. I’ll never grow up in that sense. I’m still a kid who makes a happy dance inside when the first snow falls. The snow that brings sparkles to the dark evenings. Snowy winters are peace, serenity and beauty. I love long, brisk walks in a snowy landscape, breathing cold, crisp air, feeling how the chill nips the cheeks. I love coming indoors after being out in the cold a whole day and cozy up in the sofa with a cup of tea, candle light and home made bread with a good hard cheese. I love the first snow fall of the season – the one that often melts away as it falls and the anticipation of Christmas and the New Year. I love going on photo excursions during the winter season – since most people are indoors I have an
undisturbed access to the world – just me, my camera and my thoughts.

I captured these in Uppsala when I happened to be home the two weeks the past winter when there actually was cold and snowy. I was very grateful for that.

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8 Responses to I love winter

  1. aliikizkaya says:

    I am a boy of Autumn and Winter. Winter sky always seems to me much more clear. And the color variations and richness of Autumn you can never meet in other seasons.
    Your photos are adorable and naive as always. And my favorite last second one.
    Warm Hugs from Turkey…

  2. Beautiful, like like how the structure of the trees is revealed in winter

  3. jenniesisler says:

    What lovely photos! I love that archway – can’t you just see a horsedrawn carriage emerging from it in the snow? And the rounded turret room of the castle reminds me of a fairy tale:) Thank you for sharing these.

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