striped green tiger (montblanc 146)

I happened to come by this green striated Montblanc 146 a while ago and couldn’t believe my luck. It has had one previous owner and I bought it from his son. I am too prosaic to have grail pens – pens are just things, after all – but even so I was thrilled to come by one of the prettiest classic pens I know of. It had a few minor issues that had to be fixed before it was ready to be used and today it was finally ready to be tried out. The nib is a flexy EF and fits my sloppy, fast handwriting perfectly and I already dare to say it will be used for writing letters and journalling. I’ll try to post more writing samples and make a more in depth analysis of it, but for now I’ll just share these pics of my green tiger. Doesn’t it look yummy?



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13 Responses to striped green tiger (montblanc 146)

  1. ashokdad says:

    Now that you have owned that amazing looking pen for a while, how do you like it? Still happy with the looks? With the writing performance?

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  3. Jerome Tarshis says:

    First, it is indeed a handsome pen. Felicitations.

    Second, this is not what might be called in UK English a proper reply, but rather a way to communicate with Lady Dandelion: I couldn’t find an email address on the site, or a button that said Email Me. I wished to recommend the blog of a fellow Swedish fountain-pen enthusiast with perhaps more a drawings and prints and flowers orientation than your own, but keenly visual in her own way.


    Because I don’t do social media, I may be regrettably unaware that you and she have known one another on FB for years but do not figure in one another’s blogrolls on the blog itself.

    In past years, when you posted more often on, I was more involved with you, your initial difficulties with writing, what you may now think of as ancient history but which I do not. Also of course your excellent photographs: I visited Sweden once as an official guest of the nation and was walked all over Stockholm by Tomas Transtromer, who was then walking and talking more than (sadly) is true now.

    All good wishes, Jerome Tarshis

  4. Alex says:

    Hos the hell did you just happen to “come by it”? It sells for millions (well, almost) on Ebay!
    Still, beautiful. I am envious.

  5. Glad you have a nice pen without the hysteria surrounding it; anyway, we know your Fire Engine Red Talentum is your baby :)

  6. zb says:

    That really is gorgeous. What a lucky find!

  7. Oh my goodness… that is beautiful…

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  9. Wow – that’s a gorgeous looking pen. Congrats on the find. Sounds like a wonderful nib too.

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