per request: edison pearlette size comparison with parker, pelikan, montblanc, sheaffer, esterbrook…

Left to right: Pelikan 100 N, Pelikan M200, Montblanc 342, Edison Pearlette, Esterbrook J, Parker Sonnet, Parker 51, Sheaffer Snorkel, Lamy 27, Aurora Talentum, Parker Duofold, TWSBI, Yard-O-Led Grande.


Since many asked about the size of the Edison Pearlette I took a snapshot of it together with some other pens – mostly vintage pens. It is clear that the contemporary idea of how small a “small” pen is differs quite a lot to earlier views. As you can see the Pearlette is substantially larger than the flagship Pelikan 100N, and roughly the same size as a standard Esterbrook, a Pelikan M200, a Montblanc 342 and a Parker Sonnet and just a tad smaller than a Parker 51, a standard Snorkel and a Lamy 27.


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5 Responses to per request: edison pearlette size comparison with parker, pelikan, montblanc, sheaffer, esterbrook…

  1. dandelion says:

    Happy you liked the snapshot comparison – much thanks!

    ArchiMark: I do have one Conway Stewart left (a little Dandy) – this was just a hastily put together snapshot with a few of my pen, and I chose to display mostly vintage pens f comparison. This partly since it is interesting that today’s pen manufacturers have an, almost completely, different view on what is big or small when it comes to pens, compared to earlier. I don’t know for how long (expensive fountain) pens have become bigger, but it was striking at the Philly pen show that so many new pens are huge.

    • ArchiMark says:

      Understand about photo…it was just a thought that popped into my head for some reason….so, then was curious if it meant you had no more CS’s…..

      Yes, just like meals in restaurants, pens have grown too….I like good sized pens, like Pelikan M800 or even MB 149, but some are just gigantic like the 2009 version OMAS Paragon I had briefly…thought I was holding a big banana in my hand it was so big…

      And don’t get me started about big pen presentation boxes….been thinking lately I might need to rent some warehouse space to house them all…. ;)

  2. ArchiMark says:

    Thanks for posting this nice ‘family portrait’… occurred to me that I don’t see any of the Conway Stewart pens you’ve reviewed. Are they not part of the pen family anymore?….

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you. This is very helpful. I love that you went to the trouble to arrange these in order of size. Much appreciated!

  4. Brian Gray says:

    Excellent! I’ll point people towards this post when they ask about size comparisons!

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