the versatile bloggers award

The Versatile Bloggers Award

Huge THANK YOU to Laurie at Plannerisms  for appointing the lady dandelion blog as one of her top fifteen versatile bloggers!!!  I am so honoured by receiving this award. This is an award that is meant to pass on and the rules are listed below the award list.

One of the things I have to do is to list seven things about me that you (probably) didn’t already know and here they are:

1. I like to sing.

2. I like to drive – the longer and faster the better.

3. I swear a lot.

4. I love sitting in front of a map planning a trip or just dream of faraway places.

5. I was in Berlin in November 1989 – just a week after the wall fell and brought home a piece from the wall that I knocked out myself.

6. I have little (zero) tolerance for people who don’t take a stand and use their democratic right to vote – even a blank vote is a vote; a statement.

7. Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf by Edward Albee is one of my favourite plays which I’ve seen over and over.

These great blogs recieve the lady dandelion’s Versatile Blogger Award 


Drawing with a Squirrel

Eric Orchard

Go Girl Cafe

In pursuit of a hidden artist


Letters of Note


My Life As A Verb

Peaceable writer

Pocket blonde 


The Rants of The Archer

The spiritual evolution of the Bean


Rules for The Versatile Bloggers Award

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog.  

2. Share seven facts about yourself.

3. Send the award on to fifteen other bloggers whose blogs you appreciate and  let them know that they have been given the award. You are not allowed to give the award to any of the blogs that are awarded together with you. Otherwise there were blogs on Laurie’s list that had been into the contest. 

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10 Responses to the versatile bloggers award

  1. Julie says:

    “I want to hear the story. I love stories.” —Honey, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

    Hope you are having a great US visit. Thanks for including me on such a fine list.

  2. Thanks for putting me on your Versatile Bloggers’ list! ((hugs)) – Jenny/ gogirl cafe

  3. TAO says:

    I’m touched. My output has slowed but it is good to feel that what I share is appreciated.

  4. Karen Peabody says:

    Congratulations on your award! I love your list too. I don’t know why, but I never pictured you as the type of person who swears a lot. LOL! ;-)

    And, thanks for introducing me to some new blogs!

    • dandelion says:

      Thank you! I do swear a lot. In Swedish. My mother doesn’t approve. I’ve not yet reached the point when swearing in English comes spontaneously. :)

  5. Wow Thanks so much!! ^_^ Love your list! How cool you have a piece of the Berlin wall from that historic day!

    • dandelion says:

      My pleasure! <3 your art and calligraphy and colour magic. To be honest I'm not really sure where that wall piece is – I think (hope) it's still at my mother's. I'm not too good at taking care of things. LOL

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