When I tried the Sailor Rikuyucha (Thank you Mia for providing the sample) I realized two things: it is almost identical to the Stipula Muschiato and it is almost impossible to tell whether it is brown or green or both.

It looks brown(ish) together with the greens and green(ish) together with the browns.

I wasn’t too fond of it in the beginning, but it has grown on me and right now it is one of the inks I’m considering bringing when I’m relocating to the US next month. I can bring very few things, so that ought to say something about how much I currently like it.

I want to thank the providers and enablers for contributing to this ink map – thank you Paul, Erin, Mia and Pär (at penshoppen) without your kindness and generosity I wouldn’t have half this little chart of greens and browns – toads and frogs and their cross breeds.


frog snap

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6 Responses to brown…toad…green…frog…brown…toad…green

  1. Karen Peabody says:

    Thank you for this comprehensive side-by-side comparison! I’ve been most curious about several of these inks: Stipula Verde Muschiato, MB Racing Green, El Lawrence…and seeing them in this format is really helpful in discerning the various tones and shades of each. But, to my surprise, that PR Copper Burst is a bit of a show-stealer. It really pops off of the page, but in a good way. Very nice shade indeed.

  2. A lovely range and I like the toad and frog theme :) I have a bottle of Rikyu-Cha and I really like it a lot.

  3. Margo McCord says:

    Great pictures and colours and what a cute little guy! It’s always a HUGE decision to select which pens to pack when crossing an ocean. I left you a PM on FPN, by the way.

  4. sara says:

    I love frogs and toads. And I love seeing inks in action :)

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