luscious green in the heart of stockholm

Djurgården – a little island in the heart of Stockholm – is one of my favourite places. I love it partly because it is like a hidden treasure in the middle of the bustling city – just like Central Park in NYC. It is more striking with Central Park because NYC is so much bigger and louder and dirtier and more brash and bold and brazen than Stockholm, but the principle is the same: from calamity to calm in a few winks. If I would become filthy rich some day I’d buy myself a little cottage here, but luckily walking around enjoying it is free free free.


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6 Responses to luscious green in the heart of stockholm

  1. Erin says:

    That little island looks like it would be my favorite place, too. Beautiful shots. I especially love the flower shots. I’ve never seen a flower like that.

  2. Bruno Taut says:

    Interesting reflection, Lady Dandelion. I do not know Djurgården, but to me the whole city of Stockholm looked like a well groomed garden. At least, if compared to most South European cities. So, the calamity of your capital might be close to the best calm in many a city in Europe.

    I am looking forward to your pictures and reflection on the US.



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