The Sun And The North Wind

Often when people try to bash others to convince them, I think of Aesop’s fable of the Sun and the North Wind:

Once upon a time the North Wind and the Sun were disputing who was the most powerful of the two. In the midst of their quarrel a traveller, dressed in a warm cloak,  came walking by. They agreed  to put their forces to a test – the one who first succeeded in making the traveller taking his cloak off should be regarded as the most powerful.The North Wind begun and he blew as hard as he could. But, even when he blew as strong as he was mighty, the cloak didn’t come off. Instead the traveller wrapped it closer around himself to protect himself from the North Wind. After making his utmost to get the coat come off, the North Wind gave up. Then the Sun  began to beam – bringing out its warmth. After a few moments it became so warm in the sun that the traveller took off his cloak. The North Wind was then obliged to admit that the Sun was the most powerful of the two.

Below is a photo from one of my autumnal walks the last week. It is an alley with linden trees. I like the mystique of it – it has, just like the photo from yesterday,  a saga feel to it. I firmly believe that we need to nurture the “saga side” of us – try to see the poetic aspect of the ordinary day. Sometimes it is hard to find, but I think it is important to try to find even the tiniest poetic moment each day – even those days when happiness seems far away.

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2 Responses to The Sun And The North Wind

  1. ravensmarch says:

    It is worth noting that Aesop lived in Greece. A fabulist living closer to the Arctic Circle might propose a different balance of forces, especially once the “Gosh, I feel hot” stage of hypothermia comes along.

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