eleven italics

Italics/stubs/vintage obliques are generally very suitable for my handwriting – particularly when I’m writing letters and journalling. For notetaking I often prefer fine and extra fine nibs (or a narrow italic). They offer (even when smooth) some resistance which prevents my speedy writing to get too uncontrolled and blurred. I like the line variation that adds character and some style to the writing. I’ve begun to realise that I now have quite a few italics/stubs/obliques. These are the ones I have inked right now. All are factory standards beside the Yard-O-Led that was customized by John Mottishaw. The YOL is a real treat – it smoothly lays down a wet line with excellent line variation. My favourites of the wider italics are the Aurora Talentum (fantastic, smooth nib) and the Stipula 22. Both offer great line variation and a pleasant writing experience. Of the narrow italics I have a hard time choosing any pen over any other. The Lamy and Montblanc vintage obliques are a joy to write with. Smooth, great flow, good line variation – writing instruments in the true sense of the word. The Lamy Safari 1.1  is on the narrow side and offers a real good italic for the money. A very good and affordable nib both for the beginner and the more experienced writer.

The other Lamy italics – the 1.5 and the 1.9 mm are reliable and of good quality, but I prefer the Stipula and the Aurora to the 1.5 mm italic that feels a bit dull. The 1.9 mm is a great pen for highlighting – I almost solely use it as a highlighter. The Conway Stewart Medium Italic is my favourite among the Conway Stewart nibs. It is more like a stub than an italic, but very nice to write with. It is a bit picky with inks, but not in an extreme way. I think it is a pity that so few pen manufacturers offers italics/stubs in their ordinary range. They offer a different alternative to today’s gel pens and I think they could find a new circle of users among all those who likes calligraphy and scrap booking. Special kudos to Lamy that offers an extensive range of quality nibs to a very affordable price. That is to maintain and take care of pen culture, in my opinion.

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4 Responses to eleven italics

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  2. Bill Scherer says:

    I’m totally addicted to italic nibs. My Aurora Ipsilon has a 14k italic, and I have three Lamys (2 Safari, 1 All-Star) running with each of Lamy’s italics; 1.1, 1.5, and 1.9. I’m using the 1.9 heavily of late, as I loaded it with the new Black Swan in Australian Roses from Noodler’s, and it’s very nice.

    Your collection inspires jealousy ;)

    Enjoy them!

  3. Halden says:

    nice break down. I am waiting on a 1.5 Safari right now and cannot wait for it to arrive.

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