taking off

This morning I accidentally had my first photo session in a while. Every time I’ve dropped off or collected someone at the airport I’ve wanted to take photos of these and this early morning I took the time to stop for a while and capture the landing lights in the warm morning sun. The same colours as the Swedish flag, actually.

That also meant catching a few take offs. It is quite something watching planes take off so closely above one’s head. A real nice morning. You find more of my photos from this session here and more photos from Arlanda Airport here.

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4 Responses to taking off

  1. I’m slightly surprised you were allowed that close to the end of the runway. Perhaps they’re not as paranoid at Arlanda as at certain other airports?

    They’re great pictures, thank you for sharing them. That second picture, with the MD-90 taking off, reminded me of my childhood, because I grew up under the flightpath at Heathrow. Most of the time, the aircraft were landing over my house, but when a spell of high pressure occurred, the airliners would take off over our heads instead, against a clear blue backdrop.

    • dandelion says:

      I was surprised myself. I strolled along the landing lights – from the furthest to the closest and was amazed how close I could get – without violating any restrictions at all. It is something special with seeing aircrafts take off :)

  2. TAO says:

    Wow, what a crisp and clear day with vibrant colors. I love the image with the plane taking off. :D

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