the control tower

Arlanda Flight Control Tower in the dawn.

The Flight Control Tower at Stockholm Arlanda Airport in different lights – dawn, day, night. The tower was created by the Swedish architect Gert Wingård. The flight control tower was finished and set in use  in 2001.

The photos could be – especially the night and dawn photos – better technichally, but I think they portrait the atmosphere of the tower quite well.

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5 Responses to the control tower

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  2. TAO says:

    I like architecture and architectural history quite a bit. This is my kind of post. :D

    Night photography is hard even with modern cameras. A tripod is a must and a lot of experimentation. I think you did a great job if this was new to you.

    • dandelion says:

      Evening/Night photography is one of the things I will experiment a lot with during spring and summer – the evening/night light here is so beautiful during this time – and I finally have a tripod! These were actually taken without a real tripod. I used a “natural” and not so steady tripod since there wasn’t any other options. I’m also fascinated by architecture and different epoques and your comment reminds me of some shots from the train station in Florence that I think I must post. A very interesting and cool building. I must dig up these photos! Thanks again for encouraging response!

  3. TAO says:

    That’s a lovely piece of architecture. The photos look great too!

    • dandelion says:

      Thank you – I am not so experienced with night photographing – that is one of the things I’d really like to learn – but I thought these turned out pretty well. Happy you like them and the tower!

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