flight control tower take five

There are some places that crave to be seen in different settings; different lights, seasons, weather and moods. I have been at Arlanda more times than I can count, but I hadn’t really seen the flight control tower until an early, early November morning last year. Since my camera obsession had begun I had my camera with me and was struck by its shape and the contrast between the warm light from the tower and the light of the emerging dawn – deep blue.

Take four was taken a late night when I had another reason to drive to Arlanda. So, when I got the opportunity to visit Arlanda again an early morning – a May morning – I immediately thought that I had to bring the camera.

I think the photos from the first set were taken at about the same time as the first suite, but the lighting couldn’t be more different. Dawn passed since long. A clear blue sky and a sun that has already risen high on the sky – beaming with force from the east.You can find more of my earlier photos here.

Above a close up where you see that it is something written on the black stripes on the white part of the tower. It’s various traffic messages – a nice detail.

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4 Responses to flight control tower take five

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  2. Gentian says:

    How neat! I also like the writing on there.

  3. Very, very cool. What a neat design. I love the writing on the sides,

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