lucky clover – four green inks

I have used green ink sparsely the last few months. My use of different inks seems to be periodic – one blue period, a green, a red, a purple… But, my italics have begun to change that a bit, since they bring out the colour in the inks better than any other kind of nib, most inks – even inks that I initially discarded – are beautified when used in these rather broad italics. I recently began to use my Montblanc Racing Green after a long period of no use and I warmly recommend it in a broad nib to see the beauty in it; the shading from pale olive to dark green-black. All these four inks shades well. The Caran d’Ache Amazon feathers badly on some papers, but is a stunning, grass green that almost stands out from the paper. I like it, but have had some difficulties to find use for it. The Emerald belongs to my favourites. Slightly muted moss green with a streek of yellow. A very friendly and peaceful colour that goes well in this broad italic. The Woodland Green is rather similar to Pelikan Green and I am not fond of it (that is why I don’t have the green Pelikan for comparison any longer) – I don’t like the blueness in it. I like greenish blues, but am not that fond of blueish greens – if that makes any sense. It is a pity that MB Racing green isn’t manufactured any more. Click on photos to see them in a bigger size.

Pens used: Aurora Talentum (italic),  Conway Stewart Dandy (medium italic), Delta Profili (medium) and Stipula Ventidue (1.1 mm italic)

Inks tried:  Caran d’Ache Amazon, Diamine Emerald, Diamine Woodland, Montblanc British Racing Green.

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3 Responses to lucky clover – four green inks

  1. UL says:

    I have just got an email from the Pelikan pen/ink online shop that Pelikan has discontinued their Moss Green ink. What would be the closest alternative? btw, I use Waterman Expert but have noticed that the Pelikan inks write smoother than the Waterman’s own range.

  2. dandelion says:

    It is really a shame that they have discontinued one of their truly original hues. I like greens, but am rather picky about the hue.

  3. pmorin says:

    Enjoy your Montblanc Racing Green while you have it – they have sadly discontinued that colour. There is no green in the new MB ink line.

    Greens are one of my favourite colours. Thank you for sharing these, they are all new to me.

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