morning walk through a xmas card

The world was a silly beauty today. My morning walk was like walking through a Christmas card. Almost silly beautiful. Maybe I ought to have taken pics of the uglier scenes – they are supposedly more interesting – but I wanted to share some of this calm beauty that soothes and relaxes. Even when it is around -20 C. The past November was the coldest here since 1904. The start of December is probably something similar statistic-wise. I am kind of happy being out walking, taking pics, in the crisp and fresh cold. It clears the mind and is a delight for the eye. As long as fingers and toes are in motion (and wrapped in gloves/socks – as well as the rest of the body) one doesn’t freeze.

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2 Responses to morning walk through a xmas card

  1. JoniB says:

    I hope you don’t take – or post, anyway – any of the ugly, interesting pictures. I get enough of that in the news, in the papers, etc. I look forward to your pictures precisely because they are all “silly beautiful” and peaceful, etc. You are an oasis of calm in an otherwise icky world.

    Thank you!

  2. Lexi0514 says:

    These pics are so beautiful….and I’m jealous. I so miss the ice and snow that I grew up with. I am in Colorado all this week and it’s not very cold here either.

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