chocolate covered marzipan balls with limoncello soaked citrus peel & raisins

These are the last marzipan balls for a while – I thought I’d better use up the remains of marzipan and chocolate. My friend Julie at Whatever asked for the recipe and I thought I’d post it together with the step-by-step photos. The recipe is not exact – I don’t measure – but rather an estimation of the content (that also varies).


3 parts marzipan (the higher almond content the better – I use marzipan w 50% almonds)

2 parts soaked, dried fruit (sugared lemon peel, raisins, dried cherries – whatever you want to put in it). Let them soak in a few tbs of a licqoeur that you like. I’ve used Limoncello, Grand Marnier, Whiskey, Rum to mention some – not mixed together, though.

Chocolate for the cover

dark chocolate (I like to use orange flavoured chocolate).

milk chocolate (I sometimes use choc w crisp – as in the pics) I like to mix dark & milk chocolate, but everything (as long as it is nice chocolate) works.

1. chop the dried fruit (makes it easier to mix and roll)

2. put it in the booze and let soak for a while – the longer the better.

3. Rasp the marzipan (makes it easier to mix w the fruit) in a bowl 4. Add the fruit and mix.

5. Roll balls (around 2-2.5 cm/diameter)

6. Melt chocolate

7. dip the balls one by one in the chocolate

8. Place cold to let the chocolate set.

Easy peasy and super yummy.

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  1. yum thanks so much – I pinned this so I won’t lose it :-D

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