a handsome pair – the viceroy and the retro

I promise that the next post will NOT be a photo of a Yard-O-Led. I got my second YOL today. I had the opportunity to make a bargain, took it and the YOL Viceroy Victorian in sterling silver finally arrived today. The engravings are beautiful and it shares the clip – how I love these clips – with the Retro. A very stylish pair that makes my fantasy wander to the 1920’s and its sophisticated aesthetics – the Art Deco and the emerging modernism and the trail blazing art, just to mention a few things. The 1920’s has often been described as a decade of dancing on the edge of disaster – economic catastrophes, political instability – everything pointing towards a disaster – but at the same time a great decade for art, fashion and design.

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5 Responses to a handsome pair – the viceroy and the retro

  1. FPNBallboy says:

    That’s it, you’ve done it: I’m saving up for that Esprit in white lol! Seriously though, could these beauties challenge your Italians and Conway Stewards for domination of your rotation…?

    • dandelion says:

      I hadn’t given the Esprit a lot of thought, but now when you mention it – both the black and the white are lovely! I actually don’t have any Conway Stewart at the moment . A Dandy is on its way. I overindulged so heavily the past summer that I actually sold off all of them. Heresy, I know, but my curiousity is bigger than my need to own. Now, that sounds very do-goodish – don’t it? But I believe the YOLs will be among the most used pens. They are really nice writers!

  2. dandelion says:

    Helen: I am almost jealous of myself :), but I hadn’t bought two at (almost) the same time if I hadn’t been able to get two really good deals. They are awesome and the engravings on the Victorian is very hard to capture on photo – it is a very three dimensional pen. Both these pens are very much about texture.

    Mark: Happy to hear that they are to your liking. Some pens had actually been better not to see – for the wallet…

    Thanks for kind feedback!

  3. Helen says:

    You have a Viceroy Victorian! I’m now officially extremely jealous! Feel free to post more pictures of it: I like to live vicariously though others!

  4. ArchiMark says:

    That is quite a handsome pair…lucky you!

    Have never seen these pens before, but they look great….and of pics are good too…

    Thanks for sharing…


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