scribbling with the yard-o-led

So, I’ve finally managed to scribble down a writing sample with the Yard-O-Led with a B nib. I’m getting more and more fond of it  – more than I had thought was possible with a broad nib. A part of it may be its stubbish quality – which is rather obvious when one looks at the grid samples. The horizontal strokes are definitely narrower than the vertical. It also very precise and non-slippery without having tooth – control and smoothness combined – add a pinch of character and some spring and you got this (didn’t expect to write this) broad Yard-O-Led nib. Oh, one more thing – one doesn’t have to put any pressure on this nib to make it write, which makes it very comfortable to write with. I am seduced. But – for the fast scribbling and note taking I still prefer fine nibs – this nib is a lovely nib for letters (beware pen friends), journalling and other fine writing.  Beside the excellent writing qualities it is such a beautiful nib. The tip is exquisite – there is something to broad and italics and stubs that are so aesthetically pleasing – and I like the monotone white gold nib. I almost always prefer silver to gold and also often prefer the simpleness of monotone nibs (even yellow/rose gold monotones) to duotone. There are exceptions – as with all rules, but generally speaking I prefer silver and monotone nibs. I am very very happy that I decided to try a YOL and that a bargain possibility popped up just in the right time. As always – click on the photos to view them in a bigger size.

A close up was necessary when writing about the nib.

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3 Responses to scribbling with the yard-o-led

  1. dandelion says:

    Thank you both for such enthusiastic feedback. I feel very privileged and encouraged to get such overwhelming response. I am actually rather satisfied with the photo of the YOL and the stone pestle – which by the way is a top notch pestle that belongs to a great mortar that I got from my mum and grandma a couple of years ago.

  2. Woodworker says:

    You make amazing pictures!

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