diamine registrar’s ink: THE blue-black?

I believe that we were quite a few that jumped on Diamine’s offer before Christmas and took the opportunity to buy those inks that we had wanted to try for long – the registrar’s being one of them.

Woodworker at Inky Journal reviewed it only a few days ago – here – so I’ll follow the trend and post my – very positive – impressions of it.  To view the photos in a bigger size – just click on them. Here the ink is tested in an Aurora Talentum, with a luscious, broad italic nib, on the extremely feathering prone and bleed-through-prone Rhodia web notebook 80 g – one of the worst featherers that I have encountered. And it passed, which says a lot about its writing properties.


Exquisite shading
Maybe the blue-black colour
Fast drying time
Absolutely non-feathering and not prone to bleed through
Water proof

Iron gall makes it necessary to clean the pens more often and thoroughly and avoid use in steel nibbed pens (at least if you exercise a little caution)
Flow on the dry side

Usual disclaimer: No affiliation with Diamine – they just happen to make inks that I often like.

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8 Responses to diamine registrar’s ink: THE blue-black?

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  3. LeverFill says:

    Thanks for the review. Could you explain why the ink should not be used in steel nibbed pens?

    • dandelion says:

      Because it is an iron gall ink and slightly acidic. One can use them in steel nibs with some caution, though – if one flushes the pen regularly to avoid corrosion.

  4. Woodworker says:

    Great review. Thanks for the mention.

  5. TAO says:

    It’s nice to see such a large writing sample for an ink in a review. I’m lucky if I write five words before I get bored doing such. Also, I like seeing an evaluation for a down-to-earth ink instead of one of the many super crazy colorful ones. I like those too, mind you, but people often ignore inks that you might need to use for everyday work since they are perceived as a bit boring. :D for the review.

  6. dandelion says:

    I thank thee for being so encouraging! :)

  7. Speedmaster says:

    Outstanding review! ;-)

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