shape and perspective

Above: The baroque part of the Botanical garden with its geometrically cut bushes – embedded in snow which makes them less formal than their usual state.  Shape/s and perspecive/s never cease to fascinate me. How playing with perspective – like the trompe d’oeil artists – can  change the atmosphere and scenery completely and create powerful illusions. The photo above (actually all three photos in the post)  is rather untampered with – just heavily cropped to get the right – perspective. Below: Details – shapes – from the building (which is an orangery) in the photo above.  I used to live nearby and visited the park at least once a week, but now it can be quite long stretches of time between my visits, which is a pity since I really love this place – especially now when it rather empty which makes it easier to explore it on my own. The traces you see in the middle of the first photo comes from a hare. Unfortunately I didn’t see the hare itself – only its traces, but they are quite poetic.

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