beauties lost – conway stewart triplet

(The title is a bit misleading – it should be Beauties sold – Conway Stewart triplet, but it has such an unpleasant tone to it…) My intention was to create a completely different post today – about the necessity of ploughing through deep snow when photographing. To get the best perspectives I often must jump into deep snow – beside the ploughed parts of the sideways.

But, as I was browsing through my photos in search for a photo (for something completely different) I stumbled over a suite of Conway Stewart photos that I took last summer and thought O,  these are better than I remembered and decided to post them here. All three pens are sold to good  homes – I was in a ridiculous buy-try-sell-circle last summer – but I must admit that I miss the Conway Stewart Medium Italic nib.

Even if I love my Aurora Talentum italic and my Stipula Ventidue italics I think I’ll have to buy myself a new Conway Stewart after all. Their factory made italics are great and special writers. I really love writing letters and journalling with an italic nib. I write a tad slower with an italic, which is a good thing. With my fines and extra fines I usually scribble away at a horrendous speed – good at lectures and seminars; bad when writing letters and journalling – but the italics bring that special joy to writing – if they are luscious and smooth (and quite broad). So. I think I’d better get a new Conway Stewart buddy to accompany the Italian italics that I’ve got. The joy with photographs is that it feels like the pens still are a little bit mine…

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