aurora at work

Today it is my Aurora Talentum – loaded with Diamine Majestic Blue – that is accompanying  the Lamy Vista at work.  The subject for today is legal history which is interesting – as long as I forget that the reading and learning is compulsory…which I try hard to do. A review of the Talentum – a gorgeous pen in fire engine red – can be found here.  Sleek italian design that combines classic and modern features. Chrome and this lustrous red. Perfect for cheering up a bleak November day where the sun has been hidden (still is) behind a very thick duvet of clouds. November + Sun= Not True. Aurora with vibrant blue Majestic and fire engine red and Lamy Vista with Sunshine Yellow must be one of the most effective ink-and-pen-based counter curses against darkness that there is.  Below is the Talentum on an excursion earlier this autumn when the sun was a more regular visitor here.

Yesterdays work was partially performed in a very nice café with an atmosphere perfect for accompanying studies.

It is also equipped with very old fashioned  (non-lit) tile stove which contributes a lot to the cosy and peaceful atmosphere.  During one of the big restoration eras in the 60’s and 70’s an awful lot of landlords and condominiums chose to remove these old fashioned tile stoves, lower the height of the ceilings in old buildings (often with quite toxic plastic materials) in the name of modernizing. So thoughtless and short sighted. Today flats and houses with tile stoves are sought after. They are not only cosy interior details – they are, as a matter of fact, very good at keeping the heat and rather efficient. Not as solely heater, but as a very good and pleasant complement.  Again something that seemed irrational to keep, but in the long run turned out to be both rational and pleasant – more so than doing what was seemingly rational at the time. Ekelöf is – once again – right. The irrational is the only rational thing in end. Read more about him here.

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