happy inks

…are a rather cheap and easy way to lighten and brighten up the spirits when the darkness feels a little bit too much…or just to enhance the happiness…or because it is fun with bright, playful inks.

Here are some of my current cheerers! Mostly Diamine, so I would like to add that I don’t have any affiliation with Diamine. They just happen to produce inks that I like in small convenient plastic bottles which – even with shipping from the UK to almost anywhere in the world taken into account –  are cheap, comes in something like 60 colours and are of high standard.  Me like. Another pleasant feature if you order straight from their website is that – ordering 3 or more small plastic bottles – that you get a pack  of 18 assorted cartridges for free. That was what made me realize how many beautiful, strange, fun and gorgeous inks out there, that are just waiting to be used.

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