the blues of change

…are not always pure blues. One is greenish blue/blueish green. Another is turquoise. A third has a turquoise hint, but the fourth is a deep, deep, majestic blue – with an almost unnoticeable red hinge. These four are among my absolute favourites at the moment. Earlier I was only into muted inks and wasn’t particularly keen on blue inks, but that has changed. I think I have begun to embrace blue as a colour – one of my favourite pens is a Delta Profili in silver and blue. It is seldom I choose blue over red, but if pressed to choose between my red Profili and my blue, I think I’d actually go for the blue…
I am very happy over the fact that it is possible to change and appreciate things and events that I wasn’t interested in before. Tiny things – as surprisingly liking a new ink – or big things like learning about another culture or getting new knowledge about something, which transforms my view – change that contributes to getting a fuller and richer picture of the world. Change – to change the way of seeing something – is so often associated with flimsiness or fickle mindedness – not being true to oneself. I see change – when it is not rooted in cowardliness or sprung out of hasty judgements – as potential to develop and be an antithesis to prestige and narrow mindedness – that is change at its best. In my not-so-humble opinion.

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  1. Ondina says:

    Change is evolution. Maturing means distilling one’s life experience. Awareness is learning and adapting is surviving, thus living.

    Best of luck with your trip and your life.

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