heading for a fall


Woodland Cemetery Stockholm. Late October. I love fall. I love the serenity, solitude and quiet of fall. It doesn’t bow and flatter. It is there. It doesn’t try to bribe you with warmth. It asks something of you to enjoy it fully – nothing for whiners or people reluctant to put on proper clothes and just be in it. Happy you’re here, fall.

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8 Responses to heading for a fall

  1. Pros Van Heddegem says:

    Hello Dandelion,
    I was in Stockholm, visiting my Swedish friend Bo. He had to work, that day, I was on my own. Bo suggested Woodland, an hour walking from his home. Woodland is a very beautyful cemetery indeed – Unesco World Heritage. I was there, for a while. I was not allowed to stay. ;-) Fine pictures, they give a good idea of what it is.

  2. kp says:

    I’ve missed your posts, Dandelion! Your photography has such heart and soul. Hope you are well! =)

  3. fredr1c says:

    Nice, the way your words and pictures encourage people to enjoy what is there for what it is — instead of perhaps trying to bend things into something more “comfortable” or “easy.” Thanks again for the beautiful photographs.

  4. bleubug says:

    I love the one of the decaying fruit, or berries, or whatever those are. :)

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