trumpets of spring



Mother Nature is in her most agreeable mood. Everything is blossoming, or about to burst out in blossoms, and their scent is present everywhere. The sun is above the horizon almost 17.5 hours a day as I write, so hope and spirits are high and bubbling of joy. I remember how hard it was when I was a kid to to be persuaded to go in and to bed these evenings.

Even as a grown-up I find it hard to stop playing and go indoors these warm spring and summer evenings – there is so much more to see; so much more to explore. So many old apple trees to sit under and have a coffee and write; without noticing that the sun goes down and the long dusk starts. A time bursting of joy and hope. And longing. If you haven’t experienced it and want to understand anything of it – listen to Scandinavian folk music. It describes the light, the hope and the bitter sweetness of our short, longing lives.

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4 Responses to trumpets of spring

  1. Aletifer says:

    Fantastic photos. :) I’ve been smelling buttercups in my home area for about a week now, but they still haven’t fully blossomed.

  2. These are breathtaking. I love Sweden; my wife and I didn’t have enough time to see everything when we were in Stockholm. (It was in springtime, too.) I hope we can go back there someday; judging from our experience and your photos, it would be best to return, again, in spring.

  3. SheilaM says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. Spring looks different where I live, but I think that spirit of hopefulness is universal.

  4. Lee Munro says:

    Nowhere is spring as meaningful, and beautiful, as in Scandinavia. Wonderful photos, you’ve captured it.

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