New Orleans – dead flowers in the city of the dead

New Orleans is something else. Like being at the Mediterranean, but still not. USA and still not. And because it’s located on a swamp its dead are buried in tombs over the ground. The graves are adorned with fake flowers – a tradition I had not seen before I went to the US – and the frayed fake flowers – eternally dead – adds to the atmosphere. Since the more famous cemeteries close at 3 pm and I didn’t want to get caught breaking in to a cemetery, these were captured at one of the less monumental and famous graveyards on the outskirts of the city, but, even so, it was well worth a visit. Click on one of the thumbnails to start the slideshow.

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2 Responses to New Orleans – dead flowers in the city of the dead

  1. NOUVEAU ORLEANS, what I can say for this city. Your title talks deep.
    In my country we say “Cemetery flowers are most beautiful flowers of the world”.
    Thanks for your post makes me thinking about the dead which walks always together with us like life, side by side.
    Warm Hugs From Turkey..

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