a little red house in the country side – the epitome of swedish summer

I biked through the summer landscape today and it was like biking through the epitome of the idea of Swedish summer. Red cottages with white trims, pastures, horses, flowers… The dream of returning to the simple life, to the origins, to that little red cottage on the countryside is one of the corner stones in the traditional Swedish self image. Simple solitude with neighbours not too far away, but not too close either. Second biggest country in Europe after France – when it comes to space, but with a population of nine millions, so there is plenty of room for fulfilling that dream of ours – the dream of the little red cottage and the simple, free life.

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6 Responses to a little red house in the country side – the epitome of swedish summer

  1. Leah in NC says:

    Very beautiful countryside! I love all those flowers and lush grasses! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photographs with us…

  2. Lauren says:

    What beautiful pictures! Only makes me want to visit your corner of the world all the more. xx

  3. Bleets says:

    Exquisite pictures. You are blessed to have this beautiful place to walk through, to absorb and to breath in. Thank you for showing us the magnificent reds, greens, blues and whites of your summery Sweden.

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