pinstripes in the sun

The Yard-O-Led Grand – my pinstriped Silver Bat – has become one of my regular companions. It tags along almost every day. I still love writing with it, still think it’s a timeless beauty and it still amazes me that it is so well balanced that it is very hard to fathom that the pen weighs 60 g. It was nice to capture it and its friend the Stipula Suprema one of the first days one could feel that the spring is here to stay.

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8 Responses to pinstripes in the sun

  1. André says:

    Lovely pictures! It does show the beauty of this pen. I have one, and is so fond of it.

  2. ArchiMark says:

    Well, it’s almost a year to the day since I wrote my comment above, but I just received my YOL Lined ‘silver bat’ today!
    Very NICE pen!!!
    Feels very good in the hand for such a substantial pen and writes buttery smooth with the B nib….
    Thumbs up!

    • dandelion says:

      Congrats to your lined silver bat! Itis an awesome pen. I still love mine and write quite a lot with it. :) Hope you’ll continue to fancy it! :)

  3. ArchiMark says:

    Love the design of that pen….such simple elegance to it….

  4. Martin says:

    Ett fint sätt att fånga den gryende svenska våren. Inte utan att man får lite hemlängtan…

  5. Wonderful photos, as usual.

  6. SheilaM says:

    That pen is lovely, and I can see why you like it so well! Thank you for the lovely photos!

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