woodlands on the verge of equinox – remembrance

As some already know: Woodlands is a place I return to. Not only because of its beauty, its serenity, its way of soothing the mind; but because my dear grandparents rest there. My grandfather should have turned 93 today, so I went there for a few moments in quiet and remembrance. It was a glorious afternoon with the snow melting in the sun. It is very easy to find the south and north these days. Remembrance and hope.

The opening scene if you arrive from the north entrance.

Elm Hill (a hill for remembrance) from the north.

Elm Hill – south side.

Elm hill from the east in the dusk.

Elm Hill and the Cross.  This cross still affects me. It is monumental, stern and uncompromising.

Bare elm.

Elm hill from North east. All these traces in the snow.

And yet again – the Cross.

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