my silver bat

This is just a little suite of photos of my new and already very dear Yard-O-Led Grand Viceroy. This is the lined/striped out-of-production version and has a very nice customized italic nib. I was very happy to get this (second hand) for a very good price. I already think it is a keeper. As you can see it is a giant. Even the Lamy Safari is more than 1 cm shorter than this silver bat. A real review will come. These are just my fan pics. I love the shape of this pen, that it ages well, the shape and rough elegance of the clip that makes the pen more interesting than if it had had a sleek, over-polished, seamless clip. I love the curve of the section and the tapered shape of the barrel. And, the stripes are very stylish. But, remember that I’ve just had it today and yesterday. No distance. Just love.

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9 Responses to my silver bat

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  3. dandelion says:

    Thanks a lot! I got it for a very good price and really like this lined design. As to the question about where one can buy these. This striped version is out of production, but can be found at ebay and some webshops – depending on if you want to buy it new or used. Google “Yard O Led Viceroy Grand” and you’ll find a lot of shops and info.

  4. Angel Aguilar says:

    Fascinating blog. And fascinating this pen, how I can get a pen equal? Thanks

  5. Lady Tortoise says:

    This really makes me miss my Victorian Grande. This one is quite a beauty, too, and I know it writes like a dream!

  6. Palimpsest says:

    A wonderful acquisition. Looks fabulous!

  7. Julie says:

    I’ve long heard great things about YOL’s. I love the look of them, especially the clips. I’m just not a metal gal… It’s good we all don’t like the same pen,eh?

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  9. Leigh says:

    I love the bit about “no distance, all love.” :D Applies to many more things than silver bats. :D

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