a whiff of the sixties by lamy & montblanc

OK. I should have waited with publishing any of these until I’d written a proper text to accompany them. But since I can’t control my OCD to post things immediately I post a couple of photos of my little newly assembled trio from the sixties: 2*Montblanc no 22 (OB & OM nibs) and 1 Lamy 22 (OM) nib. This sleek, refined design has really sneaked into my heart and the semi-hooded nibs on these MBs are a little minimalistic piece of art. Beware – more is to come.

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5 Responses to a whiff of the sixties by lamy & montblanc

  1. Speedmaster says:

    Cool retro stuff! ;-)

  2. pmorin says:

    I really like the design of the Lamy…. I picked up a Lamy Ratio 57 not that long ago – they appear to share a very similar design. Great writers, and a very affordable piston filler.

    I look forward to additional text and photos :)

  3. TAO says:

    Wheeee! I love this line of Montblancs! The 12,14,22,24 etc. are very underrated, write well, and come with some very cool nibs. I had a 22 for a long time and I’m sorry I sold it. Once in a while I toy with the idea of getting another. One issue is that the “hooded” section can crack but other than that they are well built pens.

    Oh, did you know that this line of pens was the work of the famous German designer Albrecht von Goertz? He also designed the BMW 507 among other things.

    Looking forward to your review!

    • dandelion says:

      I know very little about the MB 12/14/22… pens and I didn’t acknowledge them until rather recently. Thanks for supplying info & happy about your enthusiasm for this line!

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