woodlands in september

Woodlands is a place I never grow tired of. Woodlands (or Skogskyrkogården in Swedish or The Woodland Cemetery which is its “correct” English name) is a cemetery that is a tribute to life – both the lives that have ended and come to rest, and the ongoing lives of the living, which I have written about before here, here and here.  Since my very dear and beloved grandfather and grandmother lies there it is a place I return to and I am happy that it is a place for both the mourning of the loss and the quiet happiness over the fact that they have lived, for remembrance of their strive and love and what they gave me and others. These pictures were taken when I was there yesterday. You find more photos from yesterday and earlier at my photostream at flickr.

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4 Responses to woodlands in september

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  2. Palimpsest says:

    What a peaceful place to rest – and remember those who do.

  3. dakuan says:

    Absolutely stunning. The top picture is my favourite.

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