Birches are so common here – tenacious survivors as they are – so it is easy to forget how elegant they are.

Tall and sleek with their white and silver shimmering bark, flecked with black and grey. When the leaves are breaking from their buds they are called mouse-ears here.

They really look like tiny, soft mouse ears. These were shot during a walk today when I got reminded of their beauty. I’ve said it before, but I say it again: May is here. Everything is coming alive.

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4 Responses to birch

  1. TAO says:

    It’s funny that everything here comes alive in March and April. We get so, so much tree pollen here from the pines it’s funny. But, it is a reminder that it is spring when everything has a layer of greenish dust.

    Somehow the birch seems very Swedish to me. Austere in a way but with amazing detail upon inspection. :)

    • dandelion says:

      I’d also love spring that early – possibly combined with a real winter. :) The birch is a very Swedish and Nordic tree. Since the birch’s roots run very deep they can handle and survive even the harshest winters. A little austere – at least without leaves – and very durable. :)

  2. Algabatz says:

    Hooray for pollen!

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