…and the winner is…


I hope you’ll enjoy the ink!


Please feel free to post further comments or use the contact form if you have feedback on my blog – I really appreciate constructive feedback. I’m going to ponder a little about the blog’s appearance and purpose.

Please be patient if you find that the blog changes appearance frequently the next few days. Some fine tunings are only possible to do (at least as far as I know) when you have activated a new theme and sometimes one has to activate the theme to get a hang on which adjustments that can be made.

Sincere and grateful THANK YOU


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1 Response to …and the winner is…

  1. Julio says:

    From far away, Spain, two thumbs up for your great blog. I’m not into photography, don’t even have a camera, but really love the pics you post.
    As for pens, I’m about to getting into the world of flex/vintage. I’ve seen mostly modern pens in your blog. Did you give a try to some old pen with a flex nib? In that case, a bit of script, even without mastering calligraphy, makes a fascinating motive for a pic.
    Take care

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