bamboo happiness

I have had a few months where I haven’t bought any new pens,  but I’ve recently had a couple of opportunities to make some good deals on pens I’ve longed for. I jumped on the opportunities and sold off some pens that I felt that I could live without. Today one of  my most wanted pens – the Pilot/Namiki Bamboo – arrived. I am a shape fanatic and this pen has such an exquisite shape which must be experienced in real life to really get it. It is a very three dimensional pen. As with the two earlier Pilot/Namiki pens that I’ve got it succeeds in uniting a special design with function and attention to the details. Superb. The combination of matte and glossy texture on the nib is beautiful, original and classy. I know that some people have experienced problems with the step between the barrel and section, but, since I hold my pens close to the nib, that is not an issue for me. It actually fits my hand like a tailor made glove. Lovely balance and the smooth F nib got enough of a tooth to fit my handwriting. I will not write a proper review on it until I’ve had it for a while – at the moment I’ll just sprinkle superlatives around me. I am so happy that the Bamboo seems to meet my ridiculously high expectations. Pilot has fast become one of my favourite brands – to my own surprise. I couldn’t resist taking a couple of snapshots of it.

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2 Responses to bamboo happiness

  1. Alienontherun says:

    Hi Lady Dandelion,

    Could you please post some update on your Pilot Bamboo?

    Also, I can’t wait to get myself one of those, and I’d like to know if it’s too light, as I like my fountain pens with that pro weight feeling.

    Continue enjoying your Bamboo!

  2. FrancesLee says:

    I enjoyed this blog. Me. I’m happy with a bic ballpoint pin, in black of course

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