persuasion revisited

(Photo linked from e-books – Penguin Classics frontcover – the same as the one I’ve got).

I’m rereading Persuasion by Jane Austen and  am struck by that it feels so modern, even though it was written in a dramatically different age. Many of its issues are still current and she has such a sharp eye and wit. It is a pity that Anne Elliot in the recent dramas (even though I really like them) is much mousier than in the books. It – actually all her novels – is well worth (re)reading – much more than a mere romantic saga. Sharp and unsentimental. Very few – if any – contemporary chick lit writers are capable of that sharpness and dry unsentimentality when it comes to the material aspects of life and choosing a partner. Persuasion can be found for free at Google books.

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  1. alitareads says:

    I have this waiting for me on my bookshelf, and very much looking forward to it!

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