one month

…I just realized that the blog turned one month yesterday. So. A little toast in a very nice champagne (or just water)  is appropriate. Below is one of my favourite champagnes. It is aromatic and fruity (but not sweet) with a lot of body. An extra plus is that it is organic. Baron Fuente’s Galipette. Being a champagne it is not horribly expensive.  I am childishly fond of champagne. A regular sparkling like the Australian Jacob’s Creek is also very nice, but a real Champagne is something special and some occasions just call out for champagne. Anyway. I’m happy to say that lady dandelion is now one month old. Cheers!

(PS the photo above is linked from a French wine merchant)

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  1. Rosie M says:

    Lovely choice of champagne. And lovely Blog. Wish I could toast with you.


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